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Soul Mate information for marine seamen, military personnel in army, navy, air force, civilian uniformed units like police, fire and health services, offshore oil industries, mining, and surveying!

100% Surefire strategies! Your quickest solution to finding the most compatible soul mate of your choice!


How do you find a soul mate if you spend most of your time at sea?


If you are like most seamen I know, you will want to settle down sometime in the future and lead an ordinary life in a beautiful home with your wife and your children.


Let us jump-start your very own personal life and happiness with our high quality Information. You can start making progress almost immediately while you learn the tips and tricks about finding the right mate for life.


Find the Soul Mate of your dreams! Learn from those who have done it SUCCESSFULLY!




Chief Mate looking for a Soul Mate!

Proven strategies to let you share your personal life with someone you love!

The Lonely Seafarer

Are you wasting your life at sea? Have you found the right mate up till now?

Like many seafarers that have continued to sail, you will find that:

  • Your job at sea does not allow you to stay long at shore.
  • Your short time on shore does not allow you to socialize well.
  • When you are on leave, your friends on shore are busy working.
  • You know that you should mix with a variety of people, but time is working against you.
  • Sometimes you may be shy to approach someone you admire.
  • Deep inside you is a feeling that there is someone, somewhere, who is just right for you but you have not found her yet.
  • You know that you have limited resources to find the perfect soul mate while you are working on board ship.

The Perfect Match for You

We understand how you feel. The program, based on clinical and scientific studies, is a step-by-step guide that enables you to:

  • Achieve a happy and long-term relationship with a soul mate.
  • Identify the important compatibility traits that you possess.
  • Find the perfect matching characteristics of people who suits your temperament.
  • Use a non-intimidating and safe communication structure that gives you the option to discontinue communication at any time with dignity and without awkwardness.
  • Use a system that identifies and screens emotionally unqualified singles, ensuring that the matches you receive will be emotionally ready for the sort of relationship you want.
  • Learn more about relationships and the traits that create healthy, self-sustaining relationships.
  • Learn and practice skills that have proven effective with thousands of successful couples.
  • Find a match, learn how to date wisely, and to nurture a relationship with the match you choose.

Don't take our word for it. Check it Out!

Find the SOUL MATE of your DREAMS!

As a seaman, most of your precious time is spent on board ship. When do you think you will have sufficient time to find a MATE? The most you can get is 2 months! Your shore leave may be just a few months. It's simply not sufficient for you to get to know a person really well, to share your life, that is, if you don't know how!

The Program will let you into the secrets of finding the soul mate of your dreams.

Full Steam Ahead!

Ask around! Successful people are willing to invest in tools to improve themselves. What are you waiting for?

You are able to shape your own destiny. Wouldn't it be nice if you have someone by your side to share your successes in life? Someone who will be with you in your old age?

Share your Voyage to SUCCESS

Being successful in your personal life is a long-term investment. All of us know this. Why are some marriages so successful, while others become total wrecks? It helps greatly if you do it right from the very start. It's a journey that needs careful preparation.

Just like a ship putting off to sea, a marriage built on a strong and even keel, with the finest and carefully chosen materials lasts for a very long, long time. The foundations of a good ship comes at the initial design stage where careful choices of materials are of utmost importance. The correct choice leads to success, but the wrong choice results in disaster.

A strong relationship of compatible partners right from the start will almost guarantee a lasting and happy life for both of them.

The materials are proven to work because of the guidance taken from clinical experience and study of mate selection which has formed the foundation for this approach to matching of singles. The personal guidance and involvement assures the users of a consistent and heartfelt leadership agenda.

Do you see yourself gambling the next few years of your life, putting on your best behavior, trying very hard to woo a person, only to discover a dud very much later? Or worst still, marrying a person who gives you hell later on? And wasting a lot of time trying to figure out who is compatible to you? Or trying to find a soul mate all by yourself? Wouldn't it be better to tap the experiences of those who have researched the subject for 30 years?

Don't Re-invent the Steering Wheel!

Now, you can get all the information you want by clicking on the picture above.

Steer your own destiny!

If you want a long-lasting relationship, Find the Soul Mate of your Dreams!

Find a Match for Life!

You Really Canít Afford NOT To Invest In This Package!

I think it's time that you put an end to the same old excuses you have been using for the past few years. Life is not getting any easier and you're not getting any younger. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to move on with this incredible opportunity?

Take action now, while it's fresh in your mind, take control of your life.

 Find a Match for Life!



   Warmest Regards,

  Publisher - Marine Engineer World



Ps: When you are ready to share, Find the Soul Mate of your Dreams!

Find a Match for Life!

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