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Warning: "This product is not for the timid. It is definitely what you have been looking for!"

"The Easy Way to Promote your Talents, Products and Services."
Budding Writers, Artists, Poets, and Business People...
Fast and Low-Cost Advertising for your Business that bring in Money 24-Hours a Day, Non-Stop!"  Contact Me Now

If you've been struggling to make some money promoting your talents, or marketing your products and services, you're not alone. It's not as easy as some people make it out to be... as you'll know if you've been trying.

But what if I told you that I've discovered a unique way to promote? A way that will help you make more sales than what you have been getting?

From: Thomas Yoon

Dear Friend,

There are only a few ways to promoting your talents, and business and don't let anyone tell you any differently.

One is to keep on pounding the pavement and seeing clients hoping to get them to buy your products or services. Very few clients may be interested to view your work.

Another is to advertise in the media - TV, radio, newspapers, magazines. These are expensive, and you might not get the results you want. Advertising using flyers in the local community may cover only limited areas.

And the third way - the one that I discovered, is with computer e-books ....totally self contained programs that behave like websites that almost anyone can access quickly and easily once they have a computer in front of them and even while offline.

Believe me when I say that this method of marketing is like nothing you've done before. It's like no other marketing and promotion methods currently being done.

You'll be able to showcase your talents to more people, display your wares more attractively, conduct your training with highly impressive materials, and cut your advertising costs dramatically, using the latest viral marketing methods that really, really work - and work fast.

It's very definitely possible, using the techniques of e-book marketing, to start bringing in sales within a week of distributing your sales message.

That's right!  No matter what your background, you'll find out how to promote yourself:
As a budding writer, artist, cartoonist, or poet, you may have created a few works that could turn out to be masterpieces and bestsellers, if only they could get pass the scrutiny of the editors. Your works could be collecting dusts if you are not able to get it published for the world to see.

We can make an e-book for you to distribute in any which way that you think fit.

If you are in sales and marketing, you will be constantly looking for the best strategies for letting the world know about your merchandise or services you provide.

You will be spending a considerable amount of time explaining about your company, your products and other details to prospects.

Sometimes, you will be given poor quality sales brochures and kits that do not show your products in a very good light and that results in poor sales.

We can make an e-book for you that uses the latest state of art and totally self-contained program to provide all the details, photographs, illustrations, instructions, contact details and other features of your products and services.

Your clients will be totally impressed with you and your capabilities. It will reflect tremendously on your bottom line profits.

As a team leader in any Multi-Level Marketing Business, you conduct presentations for your team members and other prospects very often. Your job is to encourage and train your down-liners to carry on the activities independently and at the same time making the meetings enjoyable. This is tiring work.

You want a simple way to deliver your marketing message - simple enough that your down-liners will be able to use on their own.

You also want your down-liners to be highly motivated to spread the marketing message.

We can make technologically advanced interactive e-books for you that can explain the marketing concept, the remuneration, the products you are promoting, and any other motivational messages in such a way as to impress your audiences all the time.

Your down-liners can also receive their own customized marketing presentation program that enables them to insert their own names as contact persons. They will automatically be fully motivated to carry out the group's marketing efforts in a very personal way.

If you are a trainer who has to conduct seminars, talks and other types of presentation, you will want your visuals to be captivating for the audiences.

You will want materials that are easy to handle and foolproof. You cannot afford a mess up in the sequencing of the presentation pages.

You want materials that will thrill the audience, don't depend on software to work and are easy to print out for hand-outs.

We can create e-books for you that makes use of interactive features of computers that will make your stress levels manageable. With the easy to use program that you can carry along with you in a single diskette, or CD, you are in business almost anywhere. All you need is a computer coupled with a projector and you will be able to deliver seamless graphics and text easily.

It's an advertising medium that can present your message on any available computer - Offline!

Think what an e-book can do for you!

Contact Me Now!

Look, you don't have to be a genius to do this - to build an e-book that people will praise. We know that it is not as easy as it seems. You will have to learn about computers, programming, software, computer languages, deep linking, writing copy, rebranding, and many other skills.

If you want to avoid the hassle of mastering the computer and its many aspects, we can help you. We know that it is extremely hard work.

That's why I came up with the e-book creation concept - fast and simple e-books that really work at filling your bank account.

What I figure is that we can work together to pull in a fortune for you. You need to let people know about you, to market your products more effectively and professionally, and I can create that ultimate marketing tool for you.

You don't need to spend a fortune either. Let me know your requirements and I will give you a quotation. It depends on how simple or complex you want it to be. You decide what you want. Just contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Check our Prices and Services.

Let's just sum up exactly
what you're going to get here.

You'll discover how you can easily promote your talents in writing, art, cartooning, poetry by distributing your own e-book filled with your own unique creation.

Or, you'll receive a custom-made e-book that highlights all the selling points of the products or services that you are promoting, complete with contact information, pictures, and whatever links. You'll be able to send that e-book to as many customers as you want by e-mail, website downloads or distribution on diskettes or CD.

Or, you'll be able to give lively and interactive presentations using your own prepared materials in any MLM meetings or seminar. You'll impress your prospects and down-liners alike with your superb marketing materials. You'll be able to motivate your team by giving them marketing tools that they can rebrand with their own names.

Or, you'll be able to deliver lively and interactive training visuals and notes with less hassle and stress. You'll be confident that all your training notes are easily accessible from any computer.

And best of all, you get custom-made e-books created for you just as you want it - Hassle Free. If you ever need us to do illustrations, cartoons, copy writing, banner design, website design, or article writing, that too can be arranged.

In no time at all you can easily have the ultimate promotional tool you want and reap the rewards of your effort.

Contact Me Now!

That's the Custom-Made e-Book Created just as You Want it!

Download a sample E-book, "Sign Off"
Download another sample E-book, "General Engineering Knowledge Notes"

If you're not interested in that kind of service we provide, then stop reading now, because e-books definitely aren't for you. You'd better buckle down to some hard work instead, building your own marketing materials from printed media, pounding the pavement to locate a patron for your talent, making do with poorer quality presentation materials, and reaching your prospects in the same way you are using now.

My way is for people who haven't got a lot of spare time, or spare cash. People who want to make their presence felt in a modern environment but haven't got the time or the inclination to build one of those massive mega-sites that make sales because of all the expensive advertising they do.

My name is Thomas Yoon and I've been designing e-books, websites, banners, and doing writing, fine arts, cartooning, illustrations, photography for a few years now. Not just one service. I'm able to provide all these services and keep my prices low because it's all done under one roof. See the samples on this page.

So I know what I'm talking about when I say that e-books work. They work for me, and they'll work for you. I'll create for you EXACTLY how you want it. Nothing held back, you get what you pay for.

You'll receive a high quality product, created exactly how you want it to achieve incredible success.

In a nutshell, we will create for you e-Books that will promote your talents, products and services, and sell them like crazy.

Why do you think it's so workable?

It's because it's a proven marketing concept. It's because it's simple and straightforward and technologically advanced.

You're going to promote your talents, products or services where it counts.

You're going to simplify your marketing efforts.

You'll bring in more visitors to your company's websites to pull in sales fast.

You'll highlight your best talent portfolio for the world to see and sell them like crazy reaping profits from them.

You'll be able to describe and showcase all your products in a handy program file that ordinary flyers are not able to.

You'll not have to spend any more money on printing of brochures or flyers in future.

And tons more...  Contact Me NOW!


Let's go Straight to the Point

Look, I hate those massive overlong letters, where "salesmen" try 500 different ways to persuade you to part with your cash. I'm not a "salesman" and I never will be. So I'll cut to the chase and tell you exactly what's waiting for you the moment you decide to market yourself using e-Books:

What you're going to get your hands on, in a very short time, is a complete e-book that you can market your talents, products, or services.

First there will be the usual fact finding communications that helps us know your requirements.


Then there's the working on the write-ups, photographs, illustrations, arrangement of chapters, etc. If you are not able to provide any of the materials, these can be created for you with a bit of extra charges.

Once the e-Book has been created, you might want to create a cover for it. It is good for getting more downloads. We can also create these for you.

And just in case you've got limited, or no experience in handling e-Book marketing, we have included some excellent information for those who sign up for our service!

Now if I stopped here you'd say I'd way over-delivered, but if you sign up today, I'll throw in:

a Free email consultation and critique of the first e-book writing effort you sent me.

a Free marketing information entitled "The 7 Keys to Success with e-Books"

FREE updates.

Free assistance to getting your own e-Commerce Package ready for accepting payment by credit card.

Free advice on future creative works that you may need assistance.

Discounts for Banner creation that will attract visitors to your website.

Free advertisement at our e-zine that will enable you to market your e-book to interested subscribers worldwide.

and last, but not least

a 20% discount off your next designing project.

Now remember, I'm not guaranteeing to keep the price low for much longer. I am keeping it low specially for the early birds. My friends, tell me I'm stupid to be offering a great service like this at such a low price.

So you'd better act before the demand on my time causes me to come to my senses

Contact Me Now

All our e-Books are usable on Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me and run on Internet Explorer 4 or later. Your e-Book can be placed in your website for download by visitors at any time. We can teach you how to do it.

Yours in e-Book Creation

Thomas Yoon

Check out our prices and services here.

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If you prefer to write and generate your own ebooks you can find a very user-friendly ebook generator software here.

The banners, and e-Book covers shown above represent some sample works that I do. Click on the links below to see more...I can also design, register domain names, set-up and maintain websites for you. Please contact me by filling the form above for your requests.


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