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Prepare for Merchant Marine Examination, Certificate of Competency Exams with Concise, Simplified and Relevant e-books for Maritime Engineers!

Not to be Missed! Surefire strategies for passing your License Competency Exams! Your quickest solution to Career Success at Sea!

Engineering Knowledge Notes

Probably the most difficult subjects in the Marine Engineer's Competency Examinations are the General Engineering Knowledge and the Motor Engineering Knowledge. Many candidates failed in these exams because the topics covered are very wide, and they concentrated only on a few topics.

These e-books are a must for those who want to pass their exams and be eligible for a promotion to a higher rank. Yes, it's true. Without passing the exams and obtaining that license, you will not be able to work as a Second Engineer or Chief Engineer.

The e-books, "General Engineering Knowledge Notes" and "Motor Engineering Knowledge Notes" can be a stepping stone to a better future for any Marine Engineer who intends to work on board ship.

To download the free e-book, General Engineering Knowledge Notes.

To download the free e-book, Motor Engineering Knowledge Notes.

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Naval Architecture Questions & Answers

Naval Architecture is a subject that contains many calculations. It is very difficult to "study" this subject. Examining worked examples and practicing on the calculations yourself would be a better strategy.

This e-book covers all the normal First Class Engineer's examination questions on Hydrostatics, Coefficients, Simpson Rules, Transverse Stability, Trim, Bilging, Rudder, Power and Propeller.

There are a total of 72 Questions and Answers to help people who are seriously preparing for the Naval Architecture exams.

Download the free Naval Architecture Questions & Answers e-book.

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Electro-Technology Questions & Answers

The subject of Electro-Technology in the First Class Engineer's examination covers Direct Current Circuits, Electro-magnetism, Capacitance, Inductance, Transformers, Electronics, Zener Diode, Amplifiers, Alternating Current Circuits, Power Factor, Resistance-Capacitance Networks, DC Machines like Motors, Generators, AC Machines like Induction and Synchronous Motors, Alternators, 3-phase Circuits, and many other topics.

There are a total of 85 Questions and Answers to help engineers prepare for the Electro-Technology exam papers.

Download the free Electro-Technology Questions & Answers e-book

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Marine Engineer Orals

The oral examinations require candidates to demonstrate understand of important issues like safety, compliance to regulations, engineering, and other practical procedures. It is an examination that draws a lot from your experience as a sea-going marine engineer. The scope is very wide.

We have included information that should help you tackle questions that are very often asked. The examiner may probe your understanding of the subject with as many questions as necessary until he is satisfied that you fully understands it.

Download the free Marine Engineer Orals e-book

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Written especially for the seafarer who wants to quit the sea. From our experience, they will find difficulty adjusting to the work on land, or even landing a suitable job in the first place. Many topics like writing resumes, planning for a marketing campaign for jobs, interview techniques, progressing well in the job, career guidance, examining themselves, various ways of looking for jobs, etc. are covered in this book.

To download the free e-book, Sign-off

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